Hellsing: the tv series

let’s get the obvious out of the way first, is the Hellsing tv series as good the manga? not even close, nothing as cool as what happens in the manga happens in the tv series and the at times somewhat crude animation is blown away by the insanely detailed art of the manga, in fact many of the secondary characters in the tv series look like extras from Fist of The North Star, they don’t resemble Kouta Hirano’s art style at all, it’s also only very loosely based on the manga, there’s no Millennium Nazis of course, the story goes in a completely different direction that although not bad, is still not anywhere as good as the manga

however all that said the tv series still has a few interesting things about it that make it worth checking out and for many people (me included) this was their first introduction to Hellsing, so it’s worthy of respect at least

perhaps the most interesting difference from the manga is the paramilitary aspects of Hellsing that are only hinted at in the manga, in the manga you really only see the guards at the Hellsing mansion, it also seems that only Alucard (and later Seras) does the actual vampire hunting

however the tv series treats the Hellsing agency as more of a vampire hunting SWAT team, with Alucard as apparently a last resort, I think that’s a pretty cool idea, as a matter of fact I remember reading in a tv guide years ago about some tv show that was basically a ripoff of Hellsing that they were gonna make, it never went anywhere though

by far the best thing about the tv series though is it’s excellent dub, Geneon (or Pioneer as it was known then) went all out with the dub and the cast is all perfect, especially Crispin Freeman’s deep voice as Alucard, I also especially like Victoria Harwood and KT Gray as Integra and Seras respectively

one thing I had totally forgotten about though was the previews, which borrow Hirano’s uh “silly art style” (for lack of a better term) that he uses during the funny parts in the manga, I thought that was a nice touch

overall the tv series is pretty much a novelty these days thanks to both the manga and the OVAs, but it’s still worth checking out if you’re “thirsty” for more Hellsing and want a different take on it that doesn’t involve Nazis


2 Responses to “Hellsing: the tv series”

  1. jackass Says:

    have you just seen the tv series? Hellsing Ultimate is said to be much closer to the manga than the regular Anime. And the same voices voiced them too so it’s not all that bad.

    I’ve watched a few OVAs on it and I like what I’ve seen so far.

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