Read or Die

the marathon has just been taken to another level (warning this will be a very long winded review)

I am GIGANTIC fan of Read or Die, I’m talking when I was first exposed to the series I went crazy over it with a furor on the level as any rabid Twilight fan

I think part of the reason I went so crazy for it was I was pretty hyped up for it, I had first read about the Read or Die OVA in a 2003 issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, they didn’t have any pictures from it, just a little blurb describing the plot and man, coupled with the weird title the plot was even stranger, “an army of resurrected historical geniuses”? “a giant paper plane thrown off the statue of liberty”? and “the president wets himself….twice”? needless to say I was very intrigued

however it wasn’t till a year later that they mentioned the tv series was coming out, I was even more intrigued

then a few months later they started to show it on “G4-techTV”, it was love at first sight

then Adult Swim played the OVA just a few weeks later, my God I was blown away

R.O.D. The TV was also the first anime series I ever started buying on dvd

however I haven’t seen either R.O.D The TV or the OVA since 2005 when
R.O.D. The TV ended

that was almost 5 years ago to the day, why have I waited so long to re-watch my favorite anime of all time? well I can’t really say other than procrastination, but I think I also wanted some time to pass so that when I did re-watch it would feel fresher

but now I’ve watched them both and what do I think about them all these years later? well read on…..

the answer is yes, oh hell yes, in fact re-watching it has only confirmed what I always knew, that R.O.D The TV is hands down my favorite anime of all time and re-watching it has only renewed my love for the series

it’s quite bittersweet though because R.O.D is now a tragically forgotten series, it was quite popular when it was new, but as the years have gone by you rarely see anyone talking about it

of course that’s to be expected I guess when nothing new has happened in the franchise in 3 years, the following year the anime ended in America they published the first Read or Die manga and then then they published the Read or Dream manga

and that was 2007 when Read or Dream ended and it’s been dead silence ever since, I still hold out hope that maybe the novels will be translated or more anime will be made, but I can only hope

whew well all that I still haven’t given the anime a proper review yet, well I’ll make it somewhat brief

what makes R.O.D so good is it’s characters, Yomiko, Nenene, the Three Sisters, they’re just all grand, you WILL fall in love with at least one of the characters, or maybe even all of them

the R.O.D OVA is action packed and has beautiful animation, but the tv series has more character development and story, they’re both equally worth checking out, but my favorite is the tv series

I do need to address though that there is some controversy over the second half of R.O.D The TV (in fact it kind of reminds me of the arguments over the last 3 books in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series), basically some people think the series starts to suck after episode 13

there’s a big plot twist after episode 13 and the series shifts gears a lot, and while there may be a lot of plot exposition and stuff, I’ll be blunt and say that I think those people are nuts, maybe it’s just because I was so in love with the characters that I was willing to follow them anywhere, but I think the entire series is excellent

on a side note the music in both the OVA and the TV series is excellent

ok this has gotten long enough so I’ll end it here, the bottom line is if you like anime YOU MUST WATCH R.O.D ands even if you’re not into anime, watch it anyway


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