Serial Experiments Lain

boy, Serial Experiments Lain is a weird one

I saw this way back in 2003 on Tech TV when they first started showing anime (it might have been the first series they showed) and as you can imagine being only 13 at the time this anime weirded me out big time, I barely understood what was going on

however after finally watching it as an adult (tee hee) do I understand it better now? well I understand a little better, but not really

anyway the show starts off relatively simply, Lain is a school girl who’s very weird and withdrawn and one of her classmates commits suicide, then everyone at her school receives an Email from the dead girl which prompts Lain to get a computer of her own and try to talk with this girl, she succeeds and this dead girl tells her that “Lain, there is a God” and thus begins Lain’s weird Odyssey to find out the truth

creepy premise huh? it sounds though like it could just turn into a generic J-Horror type deal, but instead Serial Experiments Lain goes for a very David Lynch style, that is to say really, really surreal

it’s also set in a strange near future world that in some ways is surprisingly retro, here computers are known as “Navis” and the internet is known as “The Wired”, however it’s not simply the internet, it’s more like some bizarre evolved version of the internet or something, one that you would hope has moved on past things like rickrolling

the show captures pretty well just how well weird the internet can sometimes be and is filled with memorable creepy moments and atmosphere

it really makes you realize that this is an anime that would have trouble being made today, I can’t think of any anime that’s come out in the last few years that’s as philosophical and unconventional

however that said I don’t the series is all that great, don’t get me wrong I appreciate it for what it is, but very little is explained, it all amounts to a bunch of vague random stuff that’s fascinating, but just being vague does not instantly equal brilliance in my opinion

but man, that opening song sure is great


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