My-HiME is an anime that does not have the most creative of premises out there, school girls with super powers fight monsters, sound familiar?

the exact premise is a 16 year old girl named Mai and her bro Takumi are on their way to prestigious private school Fuka Academy (that likes to make it’s female students wear really short skirts) when a fight breaks out on their ferry between two similar aged girls with strange powers, next thing Mai knows she’s flying around and summoning a cool dragon

what really sets My-HiME apart though is it’s sharp animation and great character designs (this is Sunrise after all) this is my first time watching this series, but I felt like I already knew some of the characters pretty well after seeing them a lot over the years

I like the humor in the show as well, one early episode involves a creature that’s going around and stealing the girl’s underwear, that’s always fun, stealing underwear I mean *clears throat*

anyway the English dub is pretty good, not a masterpiece like R.O.D The TV by any means but it gets the job done (although one character has an obviously fake southern accent), all the actors and actresses are a bit on the obscure side which is actually a bit refreshing because you don’t hear the same actors you hear in so many English dubs, I noticed that they’re also all from the glorious Great White North, no Bob & Doug McKenzie accents though

that about wraps it up, there’s not a whole lot to say about this one, but it’s a really fun series that’s well worth watching if you’re in the mood for some girls kicking ass


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