Hearts In Atlantis by Stephen King

I apologize for not having a review for a little while, but I’ve been under the weather for about a week and haven’t felt up to doing much of anything, however I did read a book in the meantime and thankfully I’m now feeling better, so hopefully I’ll review some more anime soon

so here is my first Stephen King review! I’ve mentioned before that I’m huge fan of him, one of the many things I love about him is that he can do horror and stories that are purely “for fun”, but he knows how to drama just as well (I think Different Seasons is one of his best books) and Hearts In Atlantis is more proof why

this was my first time reading Hearts In Atlantis and I’ve been meaning to since I first read the Dark Tower series last year

however the Dark Tower tie ins are just one element of the book and are not crucial to read before reading the Dark Tower series, you could make the argument that it feels a bit out of place, but I don’t think so, one thing I love about Stephen King is how he’s built this whole universe where stories of any kind can happen in them, it’s a world that can either involve monsters and the supernatural or be totally realistic

anyway the book is about the 1960’s and the Baby Boomer Generation, being 20 years old I obviously was not around back then, but I’m very familiar with the history of Vietnam and the hippie movement of course

Hearts In Atlantis offered me a new and very interesting look at that era, I actually feel like I have a better understanding of the Baby Boomer Generation

of course one of Stephen King’s greatest strengths is that he can capture time and place really, really well, I thought he captured the feel of Post 9/11 America pretty well in Under The Dome and IT captured the 1950’s brilliantly

and after reading so many Stephen King books I really feel like I’ve been to Maine even though I haven’t, I have visited Florida many times though and I can say that any story set there (like Duma Key) he captures Florida perfectly

Hearts In Atlantis is also a novella collection, but all the stories are very closely interconnected, it really feels like just a single novel told from several different perspectives, it’s not quite like Different Seasons or Four Past Midnight

so to sum Hearts In Atlantis is quite good, it’s always fascinating to see King tackle drama (although the book is not totally devoid of scares, Low Men In Yellow Coats I’m looking at you) and definitely gets a recommendation from me


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