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Satoshi Kon RIP

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25, 2010 by Griff

wow, I got some horrible, horrible news, Satoshi Kon, one of my favorite anime directors has passed away at the age of 47

this hits me really hard, Paranoia Agent is one of my favorite animes and just last year I marathoned all of his movies

I just really don’t know what to say, you never expect this kind of news to hit the anime world, but I suppose it’s inevitable


announcement: I’m taking a break

Posted in Uncategorized on August 17, 2010 by Griff

it’s with a heavy heart (oh that’s so melodramatic) that I announce that I’m gonna take a little sabbatical from the anime for about a month

basically this is taking longer than I thought it would, after starting the marathon in mid June I’ve finished a whopping 5 series, hooray

most of the anime I’ve watched so far has been rented from netflix and I’ve underestimated the turnaround time for the dvds, even if you watch every dvd you get (and I get 3 at a time) on the day you get them and mail them back by the next day, it still translates to roughly one Netflix session a week and the problem is I have a hard time watching all these dvds in one night, with movies it’s not quite as hard because they can be shorter, but most of these anime volumes come to about 5 or 6 hours combined, that’s a hell of a lot to watch in one single night

and waiting in between the dvds I decided to continue playing video games, but of course that just distracts me from the dvds

bottom line it got to be where this was more of a chore than it was fun (Kamichu was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back), so I’m gonna take a break and let my batteries recharge for a while

however don’t be too sad because I’m not going away completely, I’ve got one more anime review coming in about a day or two and in the meantime I’ll post some random video game or movie reviews to tide you guys over

I don’t know if anyone actually reads this blog (I’ve gotten a grand total of one comment), but I enjoy writing them and it’s fun to express my opinion on things, so I’m not gonna give up on it

Read or Die is coming to BLU RAY!!!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on August 3, 2010 by Griff

somehow I just KNEW this was gonna happen

how’s this for synchronicity? not even two months after re watching both the TV series and the OVA on dvd, I now read that it’s COMING OUR ON BLU RAY IN AMERICA!!!!

man talk about bittersweet, if only I had waited (IE procrastinated) a little bit longer I would have read this…

but I’m not complaining though, I mean this is fantastic news for three reasons

1. IT’S R.O.D IN HD!!!! this is a dream come true, I literally never expected to see this come out on blu ray, I know both the OVA and the TV series looked great on just normal DVD, so they’ll look fantastic on blu ray
2. this gives newcomers an easier way to watch the series, the DVDS have been out of print for a while (at least the TV series has) and now it’ll be easily available for anyone to check out, in HD no less
3. this shows that Aniplex still has interest in this franchise, it’s not totally forgotten as I had feared, maybe if it sells well this lead to *gulp* new R.O.D anime! I would squeal with glee if that came true

still, it’s a shame I’ve already re watched it, but it’s not a big deal. I mean I had no way of knowing it was gonna come out on blu ray in America, I DID know that it was out on blu ray in Japan, but I figured that that didn’t mean it would come out here (Steamboy for example has been out in blu ray in Japan since 2006, that has yet to be released here and Steamboy was released by Sony no less) and it’s not coming out till winter anyway, that’s plenty of time to wait before re watching it, I never planned on waiting 5 years again before re watching it, I did in fact plan on watching it again sometime before the end of the year anyway, so it all works out

so for everyone out there and your grandmothers, you MUST buy R.O.D on blu ray this winter!

Kamichu sort of review

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on August 1, 2010 by Griff

Kamichu has a big pedigree, it comes from the creator of Read or Die and the animation is done by the same studio as R.O.D The TV, it even has some of the actresses from R.O.D The TV dub in it

so it sounds like it should be right up my alley eh? and I’ve always felt like I SHOULD have seen it years ago, but I never got around to it

but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it because there’s one major problem with this series, it’s flat out BORING, I mean damn, for a series with an interesting premise (a schoolgirl wakes up one day to find that she’s literally a Shinto God, in your face Richard Dawkins) nothing happens in it, one episode is devoted entirely to her getting a cold and laying in bed wondering if her friends are thinking about her, meanwhile her friends are thinking about her and wondering if she’s ok, riveting stuff eh?

at first glance this seems like it could be a charming series, the best episode I saw involves a Martian landing in front of the Japanese Diet building and the God girl being called in by the Government to communicate with the Martian (who’s also female), that episode was pretty cool, why can’t they all be that interesting?

I confess that I have ADHD and sometimes I can have trouble focusing on things, I get pretty anxious if something doesn’t grab me, but that doesn’t mean something has to be action packed, I like Lucky Star after all, but it does have to be INTERESTING, this is not

so I’m sorry folks, I know I wimped out on this one, but after wasting 3 days just trying to watch 3 volumes I finally said enough is enough, I now know EXACTLY how the Nostalgia Critic felt in his review of the movie Junior, in fact I even heard the “boring” song start playing in my head, here’s a youtube of it

I don’t know if the series gets any better, but to be blunt I don’t really care, the characters or the story hasn’t grabbed me, so why should I bother with the rest?

P.S. in the first episode you can see Yomiko in the background reading a book, they really should have spent the money they spent on this on another season of R.O.D The TV methinks