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Maria Holic

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Maria Holic is a spoof of a certain sub-genre of “Yuri” that take place in girls only Catholic boarding schools filled with giggling girls who are “into each other”

the plot follows a lesbian girl named Kanako who joins one of these schools simply to ogle a bunch of pretty girls and hopefully meet the girl of her dreams, she meets a hot blond named Mariya who she quickly learns is not only really mean to her, but (to quote Austin Powers) is a MAN babay! (yes, yes cue Admiral Ackbar), his family owns the boarding school and why he’s disguised himself as a girl to attend it is weird and I’ve probably already forgotten some of the details, I think his grandmother was a very eccentric lady who only wanted someone who could really “understand the students” inherent the school or something, meh, just go with it

what’s funny is the series wants to have it’s cake and eat it too, it’s later revealed that he has an identical twin sister who attends the male boarding school disguised as a boy and he conveniently uses her for when has to appear undressed (like those weird rituals they apparently have in Japanese schools where they make the girls get in their underwear and they measure them), so it’s ok to consider him/her hot without feeling too gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and then having to do manly things and watch sports, it’s not quite like Bridget from Guilty Gear (remember that guy?)

anyway this is further compounded by the fact that Kanako breaks out in hives whenever she touches a boy (is it because she’s a lesbian? or is it what causes her to be a lesbian?)

on a side note, Mariya has a hot maid who also a bitch, yup

a lot of the humor in the series stems from Kanako lustily ogling all the girls like she was a man and the giant nosebleeds it causes her to have, sometimes even threatening her life, at one point she sings a really cute little song about her excitement over a festival where a bunch of girls will be cosplaying as angels, I find this really funny because I’ve always wondered, do lesbians ogle girls in situations like the girl’s locker room? I’m guessing they do, at any rate it’s a funny subversion of the horny anime guy who constantly gets nosebleeds

special mention must be made of the opening and ending credits, normally I don’t mention these, but they’re really awesome in Maria Holic, the songs are catchy and the animation good, I especially like the ending credits with it’s catchy song, old school video game like pixelated characters and background animation that reflects each individual episode, it’s seriously awesome

don’t expect a very complex plot in Maria Holic or much in the way of explanations (like for example, why is the house mother a little girl with cat ears? and why is she obsessed with the Virtual Boy? it’s never explained) or even an actual ending, but I enjoyed it and if you’re in the mood for cute, surreal anime humor, Maria Holic fits the bit well

on a side note, this is in the fact the most recent anime I’ve ever seen, dating from early 2009, how about that?


Lucky Star

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ah Lucky Star, has there ever been an anime more akin to a bomb of kawaii cuteness going off in your head? WARNING: watching this may result in you being obsessed with one or more of the characters, Nanako, Akira and Misao are my favorites

but enough about that, I remember when Lucky Star debuted it was pretty funny, just all of a sudden these pictures of these cute anime girls started being posted constantly on 4chan, inevitably a huge backlash occurred and now it’s a faux pas to mention it on there, it’s also blamed by some people as helping to start the “Moepocalypse” we are currently living through

but all that backlash business is much ado about nothing because at the end of the day this is simply a cute “slice of life” comedy

it’s sort of like a sitcom because like Seinfeld it’s essentially a “show about nothing”, it follows a group of schoolgirls who are all best friends, it infamously begins with the main characters discussing food, particularly the best way to eat a chocolate cornet (the fat end kind of looks like a butt) and from there follows the girls in their daily lives and they’re own little adventures

the character of Konata is pretty much every Otaku’s dream come true, she’s like totally a girl, but loves anime and “H-games”! OMG

each episode ends with the “Lucky Channel” segments featuring a cute as a button pink haired girl named Akira Kogami and her co-host the pussy whipped Minoru Shiraishi, these segments provide some of the funniest moments in the series and sort of remind me of the “tool time” segments from that sitcom Home Improvement, there’s a notable absence of Tim Allen however

at the end of the day the show is not exactly action packed and at time can get a bit boring, plus all the Otaku references and whatnot can also feel a bit like pandering, but as soon as you hear the unforgettable opening song you may find visions of anime girls with brightly colored hair dancing in your head as you try to sleep, you have been warned

I’m baaaaaack!

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hello there! remember me? well for anyone still with me, I’m finally back and it looks like it’s been OVER a month huh? sorry about that, but I’ve been pretty busy over my break, during it I took a vacation to Universal Studios Florida (the Harry Potter part of Islands of Adventure is amazing) and turned 21

but now I’m finally gonna head back into the anime marathon, except now a little game called Dead Rising 2 has come out and not long after that Fallout New Vegas, so I’m afraid I’m not coming back full force just yet, but I’ve got a few reviews ready and I promise that any spare time I find will be spent watching anime

ah time, there’s never enough of it is there? sometimes I feel like Burgess Meredith in that episode of The Twilight Zone where he plays this guy that never has enough time to read all the books he wants to read until a nuclear war happens and he finds himself the only survivor with all the time in the world, then his glasses fucking break….

so what I’m saying is sometimes it feels like it might take a cataclysmic event for me to find the time to watch all the anime I want to watch, but then there would be no one to read my reviews, WHAT A TWEEST