I’m baaaaaack!

hello there! remember me? well for anyone still with me, I’m finally back and it looks like it’s been OVER a month huh? sorry about that, but I’ve been pretty busy over my break, during it I took a vacation to Universal Studios Florida (the Harry Potter part of Islands of Adventure is amazing) and turned 21

but now I’m finally gonna head back into the anime marathon, except now a little game called Dead Rising 2 has come out and not long after that Fallout New Vegas, so I’m afraid I’m not coming back full force just yet, but I’ve got a few reviews ready and I promise that any spare time I find will be spent watching anime

ah time, there’s never enough of it is there? sometimes I feel like Burgess Meredith in that episode of The Twilight Zone where he plays this guy that never has enough time to read all the books he wants to read until a nuclear war happens and he finds himself the only survivor with all the time in the world, then his glasses fucking break….

so what I’m saying is sometimes it feels like it might take a cataclysmic event for me to find the time to watch all the anime I want to watch, but then there would be no one to read my reviews, WHAT A TWEEST


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