Lucky Star

ah Lucky Star, has there ever been an anime more akin to a bomb of kawaii cuteness going off in your head? WARNING: watching this may result in you being obsessed with one or more of the characters, Nanako, Akira and Misao are my favorites

but enough about that, I remember when Lucky Star debuted it was pretty funny, just all of a sudden these pictures of these cute anime girls started being posted constantly on 4chan, inevitably a huge backlash occurred and now it’s a faux pas to mention it on there, it’s also blamed by some people as helping to start the “Moepocalypse” we are currently living through

but all that backlash business is much ado about nothing because at the end of the day this is simply a cute “slice of life” comedy

it’s sort of like a sitcom because like Seinfeld it’s essentially a “show about nothing”, it follows a group of schoolgirls who are all best friends, it infamously begins with the main characters discussing food, particularly the best way to eat a chocolate cornet (the fat end kind of looks like a butt) and from there follows the girls in their daily lives and they’re own little adventures

the character of Konata is pretty much every Otaku’s dream come true, she’s like totally a girl, but loves anime and “H-games”! OMG

each episode ends with the “Lucky Channel” segments featuring a cute as a button pink haired girl named Akira Kogami and her co-host the pussy whipped Minoru Shiraishi, these segments provide some of the funniest moments in the series and sort of remind me of the “tool time” segments from that sitcom Home Improvement, there’s a notable absence of Tim Allen however

at the end of the day the show is not exactly action packed and at time can get a bit boring, plus all the Otaku references and whatnot can also feel a bit like pandering, but as soon as you hear the unforgettable opening song you may find visions of anime girls with brightly colored hair dancing in your head as you try to sleep, you have been warned


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