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Dead Rising 2

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on October 6, 2010 by Griff

I can’t help but wonder why it’s taken 4 years for Dead Rising 2 to come out and it’s a little freaky to think it’s already been that long since the original came out

Dead Rising seemed like a surefire franchise, the original game (which I replayed recently in preparation and I’m sorry to saw the graphics have lost some of their luster) was an awesome game that suffered from a few eccentric design choices, namely only being able to save in certain areas, only being given one save slot (which if you messed up meant you might have to start the game all over), the strict time limit and the dumb AI of the survivors you would try to rescue. However the basic premise of the game was so damn awesome (whoever came up with the idea of a zombie game with hundreds of zombies onscreen at once and set in a huge shopping mall where you can use anything as a weapon is a fucking genius, as a matter of fact I would even make the argument that it’s one of the best premises for a video game ever) that it overcame these flaws and quickly became a classic of the current generation

a sequel seemed like a given (I remember a rumor not long after Dead Rising came out that said the sequel would be set in a Disney Land esque theme park, I wonder if someone just made that up or if it was something Capcom really considered?), but for whatever reason Capcom procrastinated, for a while I was seriously worried that Dead Rising was gonna wind up like Shadow of Rome or Haunting Ground (now there’s a game that should have got a sequel)

but thankfully Capcom came to their senses and I’m very happy to report that the saying “better late than never” applies 100%, Dead Rising is BACK baby and it’s ready to kick some ass

Dead Rising 2 comes from a new up and coming western developer called Blue Castle Games (who previously had only done a few baseball games), which had me a little worried, however Dead Rising 2 retains the same exact style and sense of humor from the first game perfectly, this is not a case like Silent Hill Homecoming where a switch to a western developer led to a totally different (and inferior) style at all, as a matter of fact I read that many developers from the first game worked on 2 as well

the premise is this, 4 years after “The Willamette incident” there hasn’t been a full on zombie apocalypse yet, but the world is in danger of one, pretty much the only thing keeping it from happening is a drug called “Zombrex” (the inhibitor that Frank and Isabella developed in the first game) which delays someone turning into a zombie, but it’s hard to find and expensive

in the middle of all this is a guy named Chuck Greene, who’s lost his wife to zombies and his daughter is bitten, to get her the Zombrex she needs he joins a game show called “Terror is Reality” which involves contestants trying to kill as many zombies as they can in various humorous games that’s hosted in the Vegas like “Fortune City”, however the zombies get loose and all hell breaks lose, it’s then up to Chuck to try to rescue as many people as he can and keep his daughter safe

the setting of Fortune City is brilliant, it’s like a combination of a shopping mall and Las Vegas, it’s not really a place you can live in, it kind of reminds me of Downtown Disney at Disney World or the Universal Studios CityWalk in Florida, but with Casinos

this setting is great because it doesn’t stray too far from the shopping mall setting of the first game, but expands on it with the casinos and stuff, it also seems like there’s a little more nooks and crannies, it’s a very fun environment to explore

the biggest difference with Dead Rising 2 is that all the eccentricities of the first game have been made a lot less frustrating, you can still only save in bathrooms, but now you can have three save files, which makes it a lot less likely to be forced to start over (the game still gives you the option to start over like in the first game, but now it’s pretty much pointless), there’s still a time limit, but it’s a lot more forgiving, giving you more time to explore around (plus the lights don’t go off at night, something that I fucking hated in the first game), rescuing survivors is waaaaaay more easier (some might even say too easy, but I’m not complaining) and there’s no fucking unkillable convicts roaming the middle of the map this time (WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL HE AINT MY BOY, BUT MY BROTHER IS HEAVY)

however that doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk, the zombies actually seem slightly harder to kill this time around and the boss fights are still very challenging (you WILL need guns)

of course I have to mention the combo weapons, as the game progresses you learn how to make more powerful weapons by combing things, it’s a lot of fun to kick ass with some of them

lastly there’s the online element, there’s a multiplayer called “Terror is Reality” based on the game show that Chuck joins, it’s fun, but seems like it could get really repetitive after a while, thankfully winning in it earns you cash that you can use in the main game, like buying the ridiculously expensive (too much so) keys to some of the various vehicles in the game

there’s also the co op, which I didn’t get a chance to really sink my teeth into, I couldn’t find someone who had a mic for some reason, so it boiled down to the two of us just kinda running around and doing our own thing, however if you can find someone you can communicate with, I’m sure it’s a blast

so there you have it, overall Dead Rising 2 is well worth the wait and well worth the money, so have at it!