I’m still alive

well well here we are again, yet another post explaining why it’s been so long since my last review, I was resistant to making another post like this, but considering how freakin’ long it’s been since I reviewed anything I figured I should let people (if there’s anyone out there that is) know that I’m not dead and the blog is not officially over, just on ice

what happened? well College happened, yup I’m officially a College student now (well a local community college, so I haven’t moved away) and the preparation for college coupled with actually going to college has distracted me from this blog, I’ve still been gaming, but I haven’t really had the time to watch any anime and that coupled with a few personal reasons has put my anime watching on hold for I don’t know how long exactly, it could be soon until I resume, it could be until next year, but it’ll be EVENTUALLY at least

basically I’ve always been a terrible procrastinator and now couple that with actual responsibility like school and homework and well….it’s not a good combo

until then though I promise to review older games (and maybe even new ones? we’ll see) along with any books I read (which is sadly not too frequently these days)

this brings me to my next topic though, I’ve been finding it hard to find the motivation to write any reviews in the first place because frankly…I have no idea if anyone at all is reading or if I’m essentially just talking to myself, I don’t expect to be famous, but I did hope that I’d at least get a handful of readers that posted comments, so if anybody’s out there please consider commenting if you want me to continue

I started this blog mainly as way to simply get practice writing and just to kind of sound off on my opinions about things, but it can be kind of depressing trying hard to write a good review and then realize that nobody’s probably gonna read it

ok enough whining


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