Griff gets nostalgic, Media Play

I’d like to try my hand at writing a different kind of post on here besides just reviews, my generation is really big on nostalgia, I mean huge, sometimes I wonder if everyone goes through that at around the age my generation is, I don’t know, but I do know that pretty much everyone my age fosters a healthy relationship with their inner child, for some people their childhood seems to entirely define their adulthood, people like Roger Barr of the website I-Mockery for example, the prevalent theory as to why that is is because we as a country are going through some pretty rough times, I think that’s a big reason why…

so I’d like to write some autobiographical posts about random memories that I have, but first a bit of background on me, I am a 22 year old white male

today’s post though is not about my childhood, but my teenage years, they weren’t that great (but who’s is?), but that was due to more real family problems than typical teenage angst, maybe I’ll talk about that at a later date, but point is I went through some hard times back then, but I made my own happiness, today post is about one of the best, maybe even the best, memories of my teenage years

does anybody here remember Vera Lynn the store Media Play? it was a big box store that contained music, books, movies, video games, electronics and even musical instruments I think

sounds like Best Buy right? well there was one thing that set it apart and made it literally Heaven on Earth for me, anime, lots of and lots of anime, literally more anime than I’ve ever seen in a store before or since

sure, you see a couple of anime dvds at Best Buy or whatever, but evidently Media Play had actually struck a deal with several anime companies and dedicated an entire section of the store to the stuff, not just dvds, but manga, toys, T-shirts, CDs, it was madness, utter madness

but wait, there’s more! see they held a special thing every other Friday I think  called “anime nights” which was basically a mini convention, I’ve never been to an anime convention in my whole life (although I’ve always wanted to) and this was the closest thing I’ve been to ever going to one, it was fantastic, a decent amount of people would show up, even a few would cosplay, this was the first time actually meeting not only fellow people who shared my interest in anime, but just meeting fellow nerds in general

so thus begins my personal story of Media Play, ok journey back in time with me to the year 2005, I was looking for dvds of R.O.D The TV, I can’t remember how exactly it happened, but somehow I had stumbled upon the Media Play store in Savannah Georgia, about an hour away from me (that’s a picture of the actual store above) and I was floored, not only did they have dvds of R.O.D The TV, but as previously mentioned they had more anime than I had ever seen in my life, I was stunned

while there I think I got a flyer that advertised the anime nights and when they were, so you better believe I showed up

I can’t remember how many of them exactly I went to, I don’t think it was many though, but I visited the store itself many times that year, I couldn’t get enough, I mean when I say it was Heaven on Earth for me I’m pretty much speaking literally, I bought my first ever volume of manga there, I bought a couple of video games there, I could have almost lived in there

and the anime nights were so much fun, there was everyone there from teenage girls to 30 something guys with long hair and beards (you know the type,  guys that have been nerds since the 70’s or so, I call them the “Elder Nerds”), I mentioned cosplay and there wasn’t a whole lot, but I do remember a little girl dressed as *this character* from Inuyasha (never watched that one, so sorry I don’t know the name)

but here’s where tragedy strikes *cue sad dramatic music* it just seems like something that great was just not destined to last, at the very start of 2006 Media Play closed for good, the entire company went kaput, I remember when I heard I was in disbelief, I wanted to cry…

sound melodramatic? where here’s the thing, the very last anime night I went to….I met a girl, Pamela was her name, I worked up the courage to talk to her and we hit it off, I mean we both shared the same interests, we were the same age and she came off as shy like me, I’m not gonna say she was drop dead gorgeous or anything, but she was cute…

I never saw her again, if only I had asked for her phone number,  I could have, but I was shy, I didn’t want to “rush things”, I thought I would see her again at the next anime night, little did I know there would be no next anime night, that was literally the last one

I went to store one last time during the going out of business sale, I had hoped to see her again, but no…and to this day I still have never really had a “girlfriend” and I’ve been on a grand total of one date, pathetic aren’t I? what can I say, I’m a nerd

why does life do things like that to you? it’s like something out of a movie or a song, I mean what a cruel, bizarre coincidence

sometimes I feel like my life since 2005 has just been one long dream, I’ve been stuck in a rut ever since, not knowing where to go, what to do next (cue Pink Floyd’s Time), sometimes I wish I would wake up and it’s 2005 again, sometimes I wish I lived in a kinder alternate dimension, one where Media Play never closed, one where Geneon and ADV never went out of business, one where anime’s popularity grew and grew instead of going back underground again, I wish, I wish, I wish…

the Media Play building remained there for a few more years, complete with the sign, a sad reminder of what had been lost, until eventually it was torn down and replaced by….wait for it….a fucking Publix grocery store, my least favorite store on Earth…

sometimes life gives you a very clear, concise Fuck You.


4 Responses to “Griff gets nostalgic, Media Play”

  1. This was a pretty sad post and it really sucks that you haven’t been able to see that girl again. This reminds me how important it is to go for something because there might not be a next time. I don’t think we had a media play but it sounds awesome! A store that has a full section dedicated to anime? That’s my kind of store. Anime night sounds pretty cool, too. There used to be a shop a few years ago that sold anime and you could play games in a back room. It was totally a nerd’s den, smelled like feet because people never left. Haha. It went out of business. *sigh*

  2. thanks for reading

  3. bgrimm7605 Says:

    Aw man, I just stumbled across this article while doing a Google search for potential new comic and/or anime related stores in Savannah, and I was blown away! I too have very very fond memories of the Savannah Media Play. Although I never attended anime night, I made frequent trips to that store to peruse their massive selection of specialty action figures, browse the abundance of horror and sci-fi paperbacks, and also to pick DVDs that were a little too obscure to be carried by Best Buy at the time. Lol, for years I had assumed that I was the only one who had possessed an aching sense of nostalgia for that store. Wow, this is gonna sound really sad, but I too often long for 2005, since, similarly, one of the nerdiest parts of my soul died with the closing of that store.

  4. bgrimm7605 – wow! that’s amazing that you stumbled upon this article

    it does my heart good to hear someone else misses that Media Play as much I do, I should have mentioned that I live in Brunswick, which is an hour away from Savannah, do you live in Savannah?

    by the way, I have a sad coda to this story, I actually managed to find Pamela on Facebook and I sent her a message asking if she remembered me, but she’s yet to respond, so evidently not 😦

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