The Rook by Daniel O’Malley

ok, here’s a pleasant surprise, out of nowhere this book comes out and winds up being great, I read about it in Entertainment Weekly (I guess that rag can be good for something every now and then) and the plot intrigued me, so I decided to give it a shot, I’m glad I did

the plot of The Rook is thus *imitates a Don Lafontaine voice* in a woooooorld, where the supernatural is real, one woman will have to join a secret British organization led by super powered secret agents code named after chess pieces that protects Queen and Country from supernatural threats

sound a little familiar? what it reminded me of was Read or Die crossed with Hellsing (or if you’re more western minded, Hellboy crossed with X-Men) and that sounded like a winning combination, turns out it is

while the novel definitively takes some inspiration from various sources (in fact I can almost guarantee the author was familiar with Hellsing at least) it nevertheless puts a fresh spin on it, the book has some scary moments, some mind bending moments, some badass moments and some serious moments, but there’s a constant sense of playful humor throughout the whole thing, it never turns into an outright parody of the supernatural genre ala Shaun of The Dead or whatever, but it’s great to read a very funny novel that also takes the plot and supernatural goings on pretty seriously, plus it’s all wrapped up in some really likable and cool characters

so, I went into the book knowing nothing about it other than the basic setup and that was a lot of fun, so I wont go into any more detail for fear of spoiling some things, just know that I loved it and it gets my seal of approval, I think it’s a great sleeper hit and highly recommend everyone check it out


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