greetings and welcome to my humble blog, a blog is something I’ve contemplated doing for a while now and I figure I’ll write an introduction explaining what I’m all about

a word of caution though, I’m not big on exact punctuation and whatnot, I’m more of a casual writer, so if you’re a grammar Nazi and that sort of stuff irritates you to no end, well I say read it anyway and lighten up

anyway I’m a big anime fan, or at least I used to be, but over the past couple of years my anime watching has seriously waned, to the point where these days the most I do is read a few manga series

a brief note about my history with anime, I wish I had some interesting and unique tale about how I got into anime, but instead I’m simply a member of the Pokemon and Toonami generation, I started watching Pokemon in early 1999 and Dragon Ball Z in 1998

I watched those shows religiously and also watched a few other shows on Toonami like Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star and even a little Sailor Moon

then in 2001 two things happened, one was Adult Swim started and two was my parents got the movie channels

I still remember the night Adult Swim premiered well and I remember seeing Cowboy Bebop for the first time, needless to say it blew me away

the Starz movie channels played some anime, mostly anime movies which where I saw movies like Metropolis and Akira for the first time, but a channel called Encore Action would played a few tv series and OVAs, one of the first non-kid friendly anime I ever saw was Gun Smith Cats, I’ll never forget seeing that scene with Minnie May in lingerie and the camera focusing on her ass, needless to say as a 12 year boy I found this very interesting (I also remember being fascinated by that shot of that woman’s cleavage in the first episode of Cowboy Bebop)

so then I started to watch Adult Swim and I saw a ton of series there, I also saw a few anime series on Tech TV (remember that channel?) and later G4-Tech TV (now just G4 and no longer showing any anime), so that’s my story

anyhoo I used to watch Adult Swim religiously, but in 2008 when they started playing Code Geass they changed the time it aired to something like 5:00 AM, which was a little too late for me and I haven’t watched Adult Swim regularly (save for The Venture Brothers) since and I’ve still never seen Code Geass in it’s entirety

and my God, there’s countless series that have come out over the past few years and were wildly popular on the internet that I haven’t seen, over the past 4 years the only anime that has come out and was a huge success that I’ve seen is Lucky Star, Darker Than Black and Death Note, I haven’t even seen The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya yet, can you believe that? pathetic isn’t it?

so I figure it’s time for an anime revolution, it’s time that I reignite the flame of my anime passion like an old couple trying to reinvigorate their sex life (errr maybe not the best metaphor), it’s marathon time boys and girls! an anime marathon is something I’ve been planing for longer than I like to admit (did I mention I’m a terrible procrastinator?), but now is the time

here’s what I’m gonna do, I’ve got a list of series, some old, some more recent, some really popular and some a bit more obscure that I’m gonna watch, I’m gonna watch them through a variety of ways, some anime I already own on dvd, some I’m gonna rent the dvds from Netflix and some I’m gonna watch on Hulu

there’s some series that I’m gonna re-watch and some series I’m seeing for the first time

a word of warning though, I’m not gonna devote my time exclusively to anime, I’m still gonna play video games and whatnot so don’t expect daily reviews or even weekly reviews, but I’ll try to watch them as fast as I can get the reviews up as quickly as I can, I also expect this to be a pretty long journey

so there you have it, I hope you enjoy this blog and one man’s decent into animadness, after my anime marathon is over I may continue the blog with movie reviews, video game reviews and whatnot, we’ll see


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